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Many are the times that you are bidding for a project or job and the question of your company profile arises.

Over the past few years, devolution in Kenya has brought about the emergence of counties and state departments.

This has in turn has foiled and fueled the development of business with government centrally and locally.

For a business looking to do business with these entities, you will sure surely need a company profile.

So, what is a Company profile?

A company profile is a multipage document detailing all aspects of your business.

You could have a general supplies company profile, a construction company profile, etc.

Why do you need a company profile in Kenya?

A company profile in Kenya is a need to have a document that will always be the first proof of business or work for a company.

There are a few reasons why you would need a company profile in Kenya:

  1. Your business or company will be differentiated from other companies in Kenya.
  2. A company profile will explain your business without you having to speak.
  3. It is a great branding tool for business and companies in Kenya.
  4. Company profiles are compliment your website
  5. A company profile for your business gives you a better corporate identity
  6. A company profile outlines your business principles & practices

In the past, company profiles were used by construction companies when bidding for works in construction.

However, the need for other businesses and companies to have a company profile has been inevitable.

In Kenya, you will find financial companies, insurance companies, organizations, etc. with company profiles.

How can you get a company profile in Kenya?

As a registered business or company, you will need a company profile for your business.

Whether in construction or in supplies, a company profile will give you a branding uniqueness.

To get a company profile for your company or business in Kenya, follow the following steps:

  1. You can call, text or SMS +254706385784 (TERA CREATIONS)
  2. We will understand the needs for you have.
  3. If you have a company logo, you can also send it.
  4. We will come to an agreement in pricing and how to proceed.
  5. We will send a first draft of the company profile.
  6. You can review, make additions or deductions
  7. We make the changes and send the draft(s) until finalization.
  8. On finalization, we will send the final PDF file on email or WhatsApp

We conduct the entire process online and send the deliverables by email and on WhatsApp accordingly.

REMEMBER: A good company profile is always a good investment that props up your business or company.

If you are still interested, we can also do you a good website relating to the nature of your business or company.

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